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Collen Construction

//Collen Construction


Industry: Construction
Use Case: Information Management; Business Process Automation; Document ManagementDigital Workplace; HR; GDPR

What Collen Construction Ltd do?

Established in 1810, Collen Construction is one of the oldest, family owned, construction businesses in Ireland. With a strong reputation for building quality and excellence, the company has successfully tendered and negotiated projects for a range of clients including large multi-national corporations, private companies, local authorities and state authorities and have established a reputation for providing complex projects on time and within budget.

How did Collen Construction want to improve their business?

In late 2016, Collen Construction commenced the roll out of a digital workplace strategy in order to maximise internal efficiencies and further their competitive advantage in the market. Various business functions were identified for the new coordinated digital strategy and HR was chosen as the function to begin with.

Specifically, the HR solution requirements included:

  • Standardisation in how information that related to personnel was created and stored
  • Secure management of personnel private information through automated permissions
  • Standardisation of how documentation that related to personnel was created, captured and stored without the requirement for folders or file naming
  • Instant search functionality for personnel information and documentationAuditability and full traceability of all core HR related processes
  • Automation of HR processes and workflows
  • GDPR compliance
  • Role and related permissions management
  • Recruitment management
  • On-boarding management
  • Appraisal management
  • Leave management
  • Accident reporting
  • Competency and training management
  • HR document management

What solution was implemented?

M-Files was chosen as the content services platform that would facilitate Collen Construction’s digital transformation strategy.

Working closely with Collen Construction, Convergent configured M-Files to centrally manage all HR information, documents and process requirements. Collen Construction now have a HR system that:

  • enables information to be found easily and quickly
  • consolidates employee-related information in a central location, providing visibility, control and efficient processing of employee documents and records.
  • saves time and reduces errors and compliance risk by automating the management of HR documentation and related processes with
  • easy to use templates, assignments and workflows with integrated notifications.
  • ensures employee records are secured and retained in accordance with government regulations and company policies
  • maintains a full version history and audit log for compliance support
  • automates permissions and ensures that only authorized users have access to confidential employee documents and information.

Future Plans

The adaptability and flexibility of the M-Files solution with Convergent enables Collen Construction to make further improvements beyond the HR function into other business functions of the organisation. This organisational digital strategy means that important business systems can be retained but at the same time unify vital company information and implementing processes that benefit all functions of the organisation but at the same time ensure data protection and GDPR compliance.

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