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Today’s workplace is constantly changing but the pace of this change is increasing dramatically. The traditional perception of the workplace, with its static locations and set times is being revolutionised by a new generation of workforce and customer who think and communicate in a different way – a digital way. And if managing this change wasn’t challenging enough, organisations are constantly battling with the unprecedented amount of information and content that is being generated, and the chaos that it’s causing.

Organisations have tried to overcome these challenges by making software investments but in many cases the same old problems still exist. And for the many organisations who haven’t even embarked on the Digital Transformation journey, there is confusion and uncertainty about where to even start and what vendor to engage.

Convergent’s Consultancy Services help organisations avoid the huge risks associated with implementing the wrong digital transformation strategy and it involves a very simple approach:

  • We document your existing business processes, goals and requirements
  • We analyse your existing business systems and software
  • We conduct research and analysis on the profile of your workforce
  • We identify gaps in your information framework and organisational business processes
  • We identify the business functions that are most at risk to determine priorities

When our analysis is complete, we generate a report with our recommendations together with a strategy that delivers greater efficiency and capacity for your organisation by empowering it with business strategies that have digitisation at their core. Working within your financial budget framework and available resources, we develop a plan to roll-out your organisational strategy over the timeframe that suits your business.

Our Consultancy Services are flexible to your needs and fall into the following categories:

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