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The role of finance is changing and for businesses today digitalisation is no longer an option. The costs and risks associated with retaining manual and paper based processes are significant.

For most financial departments the everyday reality still involves manually inputting and processing finance data. And while investing in new accounts packages or ERP’s, or receiving invoices electronically is sometimes touted as the digital strategy for the finance department, the reality is that manual and paper based processes still exist despite these changes.

A series of Finance and Accounts Payable Digital Automation Lunch and Learn events this April will reveal how attendees can achieve true digitalisation for not only the finance department, but for their wider organisation too. The events will be held in nationwide locations and the organisers are Convergent, an Irish organisation with extensive experience in designing and implementing successful finance, accounts payable and other digital solutions. Niall McConnell, Commercial Director for Convergent said “the goal of these events is to show organisations how they can empower a more productive finance team and create more value-add for the organisation. The true value comes with changing the role of existing resources from processing data, to analysing it.”

Finance is the engine of an organisation and the implementation of the correct digital strategy there can have wider and more lucrative benefits for the entire organisation.

“The common trend we see in organisations is that they implement the wrong strategy from the outset. Most adopt a functional approach meaning they implement multiple software solutions to solve multiple functional problems. The irony is that these investments are meant to improve the organisation but unbeknownst to them it’s the fundamental reason why paper and manual processes still exist. The critical issue is that these systems aren’t connected, and paper usage and manual intervention are the only options to push the information through the business process.”

Convergent focuses on solving multiple business problems using a “less systems” approach with a single platform customised to end user requirements. “All the solutions we deploy are designed by end users. We’re not looking to change existing business processes, but we are looking to automate and digitalise them. Every organisation is different and the main issue with functional software is that organisations must conform to the way the software provider designed the solution which rarely matches all their requirements.”

“Fundamentally our approach reduces software investments and associated support costs, increases user adoption rates using the same familiar interface for multiple purposes and with the solution being designed by the end user. Most importantly it enables information to flow along a process irrespective of what department, person or function needs to be involved, something that’s impossible when information must navigate multiple systems. Our proposition is simple – yes we can solve your finance problems but where else can you leverage the investment to solve others too”.

The Lunch and Learns are only 90 minutes long and free to attend. Places are limited so register now to secure yours.

If you can’t attend but are interested in what Convergent’s do visit

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