Creating your Digital Workplace and Empowering the Digital Natives

//Creating your Digital Workplace and Empowering the Digital Natives

There are huge shifts in today’s business world as it adapts to the new Digital Workplace. In fact, todays digital workplace is not a place at all. Instead its defined by technology that converges with people, information and processes, a virtual space with functionality and information when, and where you need it…….It’s no longer about where you work, but how you work.

And the pace of digital transformation is getting faster and faster. Just think, it took the telephone 75 years to reach 100 million users. WhatsApp did it in just 3!

It’s this dramatic pace of change, driven by the new ways of communicating, that’s challenging organisations to find solutions that cater for the different generations of the workforce – from the Baby Boomers to the Millennials, Generation Z and the future Digital Natives.

The organisational challenge and goal, is to enable all of these generations to work and communicate in the ways they are most comfortable with, and in turn to ensure maximum productivity from your workforce irrespective of their age or generation.

It’s said that the best organisations are built by its people, and Digital Natives hold the key to your organisations future success for many years to come.

So who are these Digital Natives?

  • Well, they are naturally and intuitively digital
  • They are most comfortable using, phones, tablets, social media and other apps
  • They communicate with short, instant and interactive messages and their email address is merely used for login purposes
  • They collaborate socially by liking, sharing and commenting and they expect to be able to find information instantly
  • And, by 2020, 50% of your workforce will be made up of Digital Natives!

Convergent’s Digital Workplace Solutions create a productive and mobile workforce by enabling and empowering Digital Natives. Our solutions are intuitive and offer simple communication tools, complimented by social media features that facilitate collaboration and instant knowledge exchange through interaction.

Of course Digital Natives are not just your employees – they’re also your suppliers, your partners, your customers! And your Digital Workplace should be adaptable to include these external 3rd parties so that you can share information with them and enable them to interact with it in ways that they are also comfortable with.

The Digital Natives are coming! Contact Convergent today and learn more about our Digital Workplace solutions.

The Digital Workplace from CONVERGENT on Vimeo.

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