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When an organisation makes the decision to invest in a new system a huge amount emphasis is placed on its functional benefits, the cost and of course, the return on investment.

But frequently an obvious, but critical consideration is simply overlooked – how to get data into the new system?

And because systems are reliant on a constant feed of accurate and up to date data, it’s a minimum requirement to guarantee the system works the way it should, and more importantly delivers the expected return on investment.

When this oversight is discovered it’s too late because the system is already in place and the only solution is to revert back to manual data entry. But where’s the logic in investing in new systems, the goal of which is to become more efficient, when a manual, slow, and error prone data entry process is used to feed it?

Data Capture from Convergent, (or Capture as its sometimes called), solves this problem for organisations by automatically extracting data from hard and soft copy documents. It creates a digital ramp for the correct data to automatically migrate into databases or business systems.

Capture comprises 3 core elements:

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Automation

Its most common use is extracting data from purchase invoices but it can be used to extract data for any document such as medical records, insurance forms, HR documents, financial statements and more.

The main benefit of time savings is obvious and significant, but there are others:

  • Automated document sorting and classification
  • Faster feed to downstream business processes
  • Scalability without the need for additional resources
    and of course,
  • the digitisation of all documents.

At Convergent, we believe that “information should be free to flow” and capture makes it flow fastest! Contact Convergent today to learn more about eliminating manual data entry with data capture.


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