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HR Automation



For most organisations the recruitment elements of HR create the most hassles and headaches. And as a result recruitment tends to be outsourced to agencies where fees are high and control is low. Convergent’s HR AUTOMATION PLATFORM empowers organisations to manage recruitment processes efficiently by publishing new roles to online portals and automatically manage applications and candidate communications. Not only does this save huge amounts of time and hassle in terms of back office processing, it creates a hugely positive impression of an efficient and innovative organisation to talent you are trying to attract.


Convergent’s HR AUTOMATION PLATFORM seamlessly handles the transition from recruitment to onboarding and the related processes. Existing manual back office processes and tasks for employment contract or other document generation, queries and acceptance can now be handled automatically and digitally using information captured during the recruitment stage. And when the applicant becomes an employee, the critically important task of managing their documents, information and personal sensitive data begins to ensure GDPR compliance.


The induction stage of HR is when other departments become involved in the process and when a lack of seamless processes and information disconnects are highlighted. Any new employee will require training, will need to be set up on payroll and may need assets such as phones, tablets or laptops as well as access to company software. Convergent’s HR AUTOMATION PLATFORM automatically manages your induction process to ensure your new employee is up and running as quickly as possible so they can start adding value to your organisation.

Self Service

The pressures on back office administration as a result of manual processes, over reliance on email and paper are dramatically reduced when you empower your employees to self service their routine HR requests and tasks. Convergent’s HR AUTOMATION PLATFORM is built on an intelligent and automated back office system coupled with an intuitive and user friendly front end. This enables users to self service routine tasks such as annual leave requests, update their own personal data, submit expenses, access their payslips, upload sick leave details or any other everyday interaction with the organisation.


The performance of employees is a key indicator of the value they are contributing to the organisation. Business insights, analytics and reporting delivered by intuitive and user friendly dashboards are only possible when the data feeding them is accurate and up to date. Convergent’s HR AUTOMATION PLATFORM not only manages the key performance data of employees that feeds reporting dashboards, it ensures the data is up to date by sending automatic alerts for probation reviews and annual appraisals to ensure they take place and the latest performance data is gathered.


With severe penalties for breaches, GDPR compliance is a critically important requirement for all organisations. Convergent’s HR AUTOMATION PLATFORM automatically manages the critical risks for GDPR compliance by enabling organisations to implement processes that are GDPR compliant in their practice. Documents, data and information are automatically purged while other business related data is securely retained. Convergent’s HR AUTOMATION PLATFORM also connects with existing and legacy HR data and documentation eliminating the onerous task of migrating huge amounts of HR data whilst enabling full search capabilities irrespective of the repository in data and documentation currently exists.

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