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As companies strive to create order from the content chaos and sprawl that has been caused by the unprecedented amounts of information they have, and continue to produce, Information Management (or Content Services as they are sometimes called) has become one of the fastest growing requirements for organisations. Organisations rely on fast access to up-to-date content to make smarter and faster decisions to stay ahead of the competition. The challenge of eliminating content chaos and enable employees to quickly locate the exact content they need is a challenging task for most organisations. By providing employees with quick access to up-to-date information that resides within your various internal business applications and databases organisations eliminate the information silos that typically exist and break down the barriers between your employees and their information.

At Convergent, we believe that “information should be free to flow” and we solve information management problems for organisations with our unique “Digital Highway” approach. The Digital Highway delivers a user-centric solution allowing information to traverse different systems, users and departments. It connects the information and content within systems, allows information to flow freely and automates cross functional processes.

With it, information and content becomes:

  • Accessible
  • Mobile
  • Contextual
  • Accurate
  • Compliant
  • Secure

When implemented, your Digital Highway constantly evolves with your changing needs – New systems, new processes and new information sources can be incorporated quickly and with relative ease. So no matter what your systems, your information will always be free to flow.

To learn more about The Digital Highway and how to free your information, contact Convergent today to learn more.


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