GDPR… another Y2K?

//GDPR… another Y2K?

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) is a data protection reform across the European Union to make Europe fit for the digital age. GDPR places a huge burden on business to manage and protect sensitive data.

Unlike the unfounded hysteria surrounding Y2K, GDPR Compliance is not a once off requirement or unfounded! GDPR compliance is something that you will need to embed in the way your organisation works every single day. Privacy by design and by default requires new business processes and organisational change. Organisations require products and solutions that enable more flexible data handling practices.

However, data breaches inevitably happen. Information gets lost, stolen or otherwise released into the hands of people who were never intended to see it — and those people often have malicious intent.

Under the terms of GDPR, not only will organisations have to ensure that personal data is gathered legally and under strict conditions, but those who collect and manage it will be obliged to protect it from misuse and exploitation, as well as to respect the rights of data owners – or face penalties for not doing so.

At Convergent, our Intelligent Information Management solutions manage GDPR requirements by design and default and comprise 3 core elements:

  1. Its metadata driven – not about where you store information or what system it’s in. Its about what it is…a contract, a proposal, a CV, an email
  2. Its repository neutral – information can reside anywhere and the idea that you can access and locate the information aids GDPR compliance
  3. Its intelligent – the information becomes intelligent as result of the solution being able to identify what the information is

These 3 elements create a powerful platform for managing information that will not only satisfy GDPR compliance but also change the way businesses manage information.

The “repository neutral” element of the Convergent GDPR / Intelligent Information Solution means that need to migrate information is dramatically decreased and in many cases eliminated altogether. This mitigates the risks associated with GDPR Compliance and data breaches.

Convergent’s simple, process-based approach for GDPR Compliance enables organisations to:

  • Understand the information they have and where it resides using a Personal Data Registry
  • Link processes, events, tasks and documents for centralised visibility and control
  • Define and communicate policies and procedures through training
  • Ensure all actions are recorded for audit and reporting purposes

Contact Convergent today to learn more about GDRP Compliance using our Intelligent Information Management Solutions

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