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HR Process Automation in Practice

//HR Process Automation in Practice

Companies of every size face challenges relating to HR. And just like every other function in the organisation, HR is constantly battling with the unprecedented amount of information and content being generated, and the chaos it’s causing. But unlike some other functions, HR is responsible for managing and protecting a complex array of sensitive and highly confidential personal and company information such as CVs, employee and health records, recruitment details, training and certification information and employee package entitlements.

And given these vast amounts of employee-related documents and personal data, the significance of data protection and GDPR should not be underestimated. In fact, HR departments must be able to provide electronic copies of all private records and personal data when requested by the employee.

In addition to managing this highly sensitive information, HR also faces a further challenge with the many processes critical to the function such as;

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Appraisals
  • Leave management
  • Training, certification management

Organisations have tried to overcome these two core challenges by investing in dedicated line of business systems for HR. But these systems tend to be focussed on either improving processes or information management, but not both.

As a result, HR information becomes siloed and disconnected from other functions within the organisation such as finance or operations, functions that need to be able to easily access HR information during certain processes. This siloed set up, leads to a reliance on paper and email, resulting in not only significant productivity loss and frustrated employees, but also, significant legal, financial and GDPR risks.

Convergent’s HR solution is built on a platform that can also be used to manage documents, information and processes for other functions of your organisation such as finance, operations, sales, health and safety and quality. This not only means your can maximise your return in other areas of the business, but also that your company information is connected and can flow without the need for paper or email, irrespective of the user, department or location.

Contact Convergent today to learn more about enhancing your HR function.

HR Process Automation from CONVERGENT on Vimeo.

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