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What the NPHDB do?

The National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB) is the organisation tasked with the overall delivery of the new children’s hospital, the most significant capital investment project ever undertaken in healthcare in Ireland. The NPHDB team includes experts that operate in various streams of the construction project including planning, architecture, design, engineering, construction, procurement, clinical, legal, communications and financial capabilities. There is also a Board of Directors, various sub-committees, and third-party interest groups that the NPHDB must collaborate with.

The organisation is also responsible for overseeing and monitoring overall project progress as well as the delivery of the various work streams and works packages including procurement, design, scheduling, communications, community engagement, general administration (including handling all FOI requests) and budget control. As a result, the NPHDB is required to manage all project related information and documentation in a fully transparent, efficient and cost-effective manner.

How did the NPHDB want to improve their business?

“Since its inception the NPHDB has been a creator and receiver of vast amounts of information and documentation” according to Richard Fitzpatrick, Director of Programme Management and Project Controls for the NPHDB. “Given the size and complexity of the project and the volume of documentation and communications that will be received and processed by the NPH project team there was the need to put a solution in place that will provide the NPHDB with the means to effectively and securely manage this”

Specifically, the solution needed to enable:

  • Standardisation in how information and documentation is created, captured and stored without the requirement for folders or file naming
  • Powerful search functionality of document content and any related metadata
  • Mobile and web access
  • The ability to view all information and objects related to documents
  • Full transparency and traceability of document creation and approval for project management auditing purposes
  • Greater efficiency and automation of business processes and workflows
  • Greater compliance capabilities for traceability purposes
  • Automation of current manual data entry tasks
  • Management of email correspondence and related attachments
  • Automation of core business processes such as document review and approvals, contract lifecycle management, financial and procurement processes
  • The ability to retrieve all project documentation and information from the EIMS at any point in time over the life of the NPH project

What solution was implemented?

Following a public tendering process Convergent was identified as the preferred supplier to implement the M-Files content services platform. Richard advised “M-Files was selected because it best met the NPHDB’s requirements for the management and control of project documentation and information. On the new children’s hospital project there are a significant number of stakeholders involved and given the many different areas and workstreams that need to be managed it was critical we have in place a system that enables us to organise our documentation, so the correct information appears within the correct context every time”.

By working closely with the NPH project team, M-Files was configured by Convergent to manage all project related documentation and information, as well as core processes such as procurement and accounts payable, contract lifecycle management, change order management. M-Files also manages internal policies and procedures for the NPHDB through its intranet functionality.

What was interesting or challenging about the project?

“The fact that M-Files enables different disciplines within the NPH project team to view the same information but within their particular context without having to duplicate files and documents has been a real win for a project and the power and flexibility of the M-Files platform is what make this possible.”

Richard adds, that “As the construction of the new children’s hospital progresses through to handover for operation the project will face increasing challenges in terms of how documentation and information needs to be managed and controlled and it’s reassuring to know that with the support and expertise of Convergent, the NPHDB will be able to utilise the flexibility of M-Files to ensure we have the appropriate information management system in place to address these challenges”

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