Connected Information
is Connected Business

In an era where continuous improvement is a prerequisite for business survival and growth, the effective management of documents and business information is critical. The current approach of information sprawled and scattered across various systems and other information silos has made managing documents and information both complicated and challenging. To combat this, we at Convergent have developed a robust and flexible strategic approach that connects information, and this is centred around four foundational pillars:

1. Connected Systems

2. Beyond Automation

3. A Single Source of Truth

4. Compliance, By Design.

Connected Systems: Dissolve the boundaries between systems and let information flow

At the heart of our approach is the intention to achieve Connected Systems in your business. We believe that for businesses to perform optimally, information must be unbound and flowing seamlessly across various systems, departments, and users. Disconnected systems are the root cause of information disconnects and by dissolving these boundaries, we enable businesses to easily and securely access the information they need, when they need it. This not only increases efficiency and productivity, but it also dramatically reduces manual interventions that in turn creates huge value. This value-add benefit plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent, thereby igniting potential within the organisation​​​​.

Beyond Automation: Expandable efficiencies beyond and single business process

For any business to perform optimally, it relies on its documents and information being available easily, quickly, and securely. But when that information is spread across lots of disconnected systems and networks it’s hard to find so true business automation is not achievable. This is an opportunity lost, reducing process efficiencies and performance to manual, labour-intensive tasks that are risky for the business.

For automation to be truly efficient it also needs to be expandable beyond a single department use. Our unique approach to information management is to tailor solutions beyond a single automation process and ensure it flows throughout your business, expandable across departments and on-demand, anywhere, any time.

A Single Source of Truth: The latest and correct version of all your information, in one place

According to a study by IDC, knowledge workers spend an average of 2.5 hours per day searching for information but only find it 50% of the time. Another study by McKinsey found that employees spend up to 1.8 hours per day — or 9.3 hours per week — searching and gathering information.

The third pillar, A Single Source of Truth, is about creating a single access point to the latest and correct version of information, irrespective of where it is stored.

This approach ensures that everyone in the organisation is working with the most current and accurate data, thereby eliminating the risks associated with version control and data validity. It also drives workflow and automation potential and ensures dashboards and other reporting tools are using all data and information to provide business insights and intelligence.

Compliance by Design: Legal, regulatory, and client requirements are met automatically by design.

We live in a highly regulated world where businesses increasingly find themselves the guardians of standards. And the risk of failure to comply can often be devastating to reputation and the bottom line. So, when documents and information are sprawled across lots of systems, network folders, and other disconnected locations it makes staying compliant more difficult, more manual and more expensive.

Seamless processes are the key to compliance and because of our unique approach to information management, the solutions we deploy are tailored to your needs as well as being compliant by design. This ensures that you can be safe in the knowledge that you are meeting all legal, regulatory and client requirements automatically.


“Grow with the Flow” – Paving the Way for a Streamlined Business Future

By embracing the strategic approach to managing information using these four pillars, businesses grow by increasing efficiencies, expanding productivity and igniting potential. Building an information foundation fit for purpose now but also for the future is key. Our approach addresses current challenges and future-proofs businesses, ensuring they are efficient, compliant, and ready to use new opportunities. This transformative strategic approach to information management and process automation paves the way for a more streamlined, effective, and compliant business environment, ready to thrive in the dynamic world of continuous business improvement.

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